Xomatok (1985) is an artist and director of visual art, studied advertising design in the National Public Technological Institute of Design and Communication IDC (Perú) in 2001, worked for several companies, graphic design studios and advertising agencies.

Since 2007 he ventures into urban art, an experience that has led him to intervene in various public and private spaces, achieving recognition within the peruvian an global urban art scene with a proposal based on the design and alteration of the space, with emphasis on the manifestations elementary the color and the relationship of the human with its environment. He is currently represented by the Impakto Gallery (Perú)

He has participated in several conferences and workshops to: British Cultural Center – Perú (2017), International Design Festival – Costa Rica (2013), Pecha Kucha Nigth Lima (2012), 5th Design Colloquium Catholic University of Peru (2012)

The most recent awards come from the international scene in digital artistic platforms, such as: Juxtapoz, EE.UU. Art News, Street Art Global, Colossal, City Canvas, My Modern Met, UPSOCL, among many other pages, which highlights the current proposal of the artist.

Solo and collective exhibitions:

2019 ‘Megahertz 2’ – Bipersonal Show – Metro 21 Gallery, Chile

2019 ‘Irrupción y permanencia’ – Solo Show – Impakto Gallery, Perú

2018 ‘Bridges’ – Tripersonal Show – Fundación Euroidiomas, Perú

2016 ‘Co & Co’ – Collective Show – Indigo Gallery, Perú

2016 ‘Megahertz’ – Bipersonal Show – Detonator Studio, Perú

2015 ’20 Years of Urban Art in Perú ‘- Collective Exhibition- 93 Gallery , Perú

2014 ‘Wild Hashtag’ – Solo Show Domingo Creative Lab, Perú

2014 ‘The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery’ – Collective Show – Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin

2013 ‘Obra Gráfica’ – Bruno Gallery Collective Exhibition, Perú

2013 ‘Scenes of comfort and fun’ – CC Ricardo Palma Collective Exhibition, Perú

2013 ‘Happy / Mind / Happy’ – Individual Sample – Infame Store Gallery, Perú

2010 ‘Living Walls’ (Atlanta) – Collective Show, United States

2008 ‘Stick-It’ Gallery Luis Miroquesada Garland – Collective Exhibition, Perú